Latest news headlines in english related to technology

Here I will share the Latest news headlines in english related to technology.I will collect the top news headlines from all the sources and will share them here so that you can get updated to the latest news happening around the world.

Latest news headlines in english

Latest news headlines in english related to technology :

  • Tesla seeks employees to test its new Autopilot hardware.
  • Soon app to get fast response in case of accident.
  • Samsung planning to launch foldable drones, may work with company's Galaxy smartphones.
Latest news headlines in english

  • Apple iPhone battery replacement programme ends December 31.
  • Big electronics retailers to stop selling products of these two big electronic giants from next year.
  • Amazon Alexa back after suffering outage after heavy Christmas demands.
  • Netflix stops offering in-app subscriptions for new and returning customers on iOS.
Latest news headlines in english

  • FCC investigating major CenturyLink outage and 911 disruptions.
  • Chinese schools are using ‘smart uniforms’ to track their students’ locations.
  • Samsung’s 2019 TVs will support input devices, like keyboards and mice for your PC.
Latest news headlines in english

  • Instagram briefly switched to a horizontal feed and people freaked out.
  • Apple will reportedly start assembling its premium iPhone models in India.
  • LG’s latest soundbars feature Dolby Atmos support and Google Assistant baked-in.
  • LinkedIn co-founder says he unknowingly backed disinformation effort in Alabama Senate race.
  • Washington Redskins reportedly backed out of Huawei Wi-Fi deal because of government concerns.
Latest news headlines in english

  • Snapchat goes full circle, adds lenses for dogs.
  • Instagram's latest test getting rid of vertical scroll went pretty poorly.
  • Microsoft delivers emergency patch for under-attack IE.
Latest news headlines in english

  • Microsoft offers up Windows 10 1809 to nervy seekers.
  • Brave browser goes 'full-Chromium' by adopting Google UI.

So,these are the top tech news I have collected from the source gadgetsnow , the verge and computer world.. So here i will share the latest tech news collecting from all sources or websites so that you can directly jump into my website and read all the latest headlines happening around the world.