Naga Chaitanya Earns More Than Nagarjuna

Naga Chaitanya on the primary day utilized the celebration favorable position to enroll his vocation best opening of Rs. 7.25 crores Worldwide with his new motion picture, Shailaja Reddy Alludu.

Nagarjuna then again discharged his Devadas with Nani on a weekday and the motion picture gathered an aggregate of Rs. 6.85 crores share Worldwide on first day.

Indeed, Nagarjuna and Nani certainly would have would be wise to pull on a celebration day than Naga Chaitanya yet Nag will be unquestionably content with the quantities of both the movies on their opening days at any rate.

He would be cheerful to get beaten by his child and in the meantime may feel a murmur of alleviation subsequent to conveying a gigantic fiasco like Officer that corrupted his picture.

He is as yet giving a gigantic rivalry to youthful saints looks insightful and the manner in which his fans making the most of his entrance scenes in the new motion picture at Theaters, we need to state, senior performers still have the appeal to pull masses and all they require is better storytellers who can utilize them right in their movies as they never again are adolescents to vie for records.